Snake Rush


The Snake is in an infinite race and the red Snake intends get all the score possible. Very easy to play but very hard to hit the high scores. It’s time to step into the world of snake adventure and experience the most enjoyable and entertaining journey of all time.

Slither past all of the obstacles as you try to safely reach the top of each level. Simply avoid all of the objects as you move the snake to the left and right in this fun online hyper casual game. Keep grinding as you try to complete each level to add to your high score. Keep rushing through each challenge until you die, then your high score will be submitted to our leaderboards.

How to Play?

On desktop, top use the left mouse button on your mouse to take control of the snake. Move left or right to avoid the multi-colored obstacles.

On mobile, you simply need to place your finger on the screen and guide the snake.

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