Snake io war


Snake io war combines a new pop aesthetic with the oldest classic snake game mechanics.

This is an io game where you will be playing with many other real-time players. There are three main gameplay options that you can choose from. In the classic endless mode, you will be leading your little snake around collecting the little dots which will each grow you a little. Be careful not to bump into your own tail or your rivals’ tails not to fail. The other modes are limited-time mode and 30 snakes fight mode. At the beginning of each play, you can unlock rewards free coins, free skins, or lengthened start.

You can choose the right-hand mode or left-hand mode to use the circle in which you will rotate the ball around to lead the snake. The more you stay on the io platform successfully, the more coins you will get. You can use those to unlock fancy skins! Now, let's see if you are the sliest of snakes!

How to Play?

You can use the mouse to rotate the ball around the circle to lead the snake.

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