About Snake.io Apk

About Snake.io

Termites Eat Combat. Play this snake blast arcade game online & offline

Slither your way through an addictive new competitive version of Snake and survive however you can! Battle with friends and strive to become the biggest worm in Snake.io! 🐍

Snake.io’s classic arcade has undergone an upgrade that brings unique online event play. Glide to the top of the leaderboards in this popular device version of the beloved arcade game! Snake.io combines new trendy art with old classic snake game mechanics.

Start playing Snake.io as a small worm and try to get bigger, the trick is to eat your way through each level. Move through fields of food and try to beat other players’ scores – how long can you last?

Classic arcade games combined with online leaderboard competition into a new game that you can get addicted to! Join millions of other players and play Snake.io now!

Snake.io is designed for smooth and fast performance, with controls designed for every mobile device. Snake has never been this fun or competitive before! Play without wifi for free or the latest online mode with live broadcast.

As the name suggests, Snake.io is a snake game very similar to Slither.io. Players must control a small snake that gets longer and longer as it eats the many colored balls scattered across the screen. But you’ll also have to keep an eye out for other snakes as the screen will be full of snakes trying to gobble up as many balls as possible.

The basic idea of this game is very simple. If a snake’s head hits another snake’s body part, the attacked snake will die. So, your goal is to slither across the screen eating as many colored balls as you can to extend yourself while avoiding and attacking other snakes. Killing other snakes won’t make your snake lengthen, but you can eat the balls that are scattered after the snake dies.

Basically, Snake.io is a real clone of Slither.io, which was a very agar.io-inspired game in its day. It’s not very original, but it’s still a lot of fun when you can play with other players.

Snake.io Best Features

Classic Snake Game

– Glide through fields of food and eat to make your snake grow

– A fun io game version of Snake

– Play an older version of Snakeio and try to beat your high score

Free multiplayer game

– Online leaderboards – see if your snake can beat the rest!

– Challenge friends to beat your high score

– Double player mode – sit next to your friends and start competing

– Watch Snake Games our fans play and join the online community

Addictive Free Games

– Play games with fast performance on any device

– Smooth game play with joystick controls on mobile

– Snake.io is free, or you can remove the ads!

– Watch online games on YouTube and learn moves from the best players

Live Ops Events

– Battle against other snakes and boss snakes

– Compete for high scores with friends on leaderboards

– Fun new events with unique snake skins every month

Games Without Wifi

– Offline io games do not require an internet connection. Play Snake.io either offline or online! Offline does not require wifi.

Play Snake games with a new io twist! Download Snake today!

Your reviews are important to the Snake.io team!

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What’s new in the latest version 1.18.63

Last updated on Jul 29, 2023

¡Vuela en lo alto de Snaketopia!
Este lanzamiento te traemos:
-NUEVE EVENTO: Dragon Knights
-Bug Fixes and Optimizations!

Requirements (Latest version)

Requires Android 5.0 and above

General question
How to play Snake.io?

In Snake.io, you start the game as a small worm. To increase your size, you have to gobble up small balls (1 point) scattered around the map. There are many other snakes on the map, and if you manage to make them crash, they will lose points and you can get all their balls (10 points).
Is Snake.io online or offline?

Snake.io is an online game. In it, you can play against other humans over the internet. This means you won’t be facing bots.
Can I play Snake.io on PC?

Yes, you can play Snake.io on PC. To do this, download the Snake.io APK from Uptodown, and then run it on an Android emulator for PC, such as NoxPlayer, LDPlayer, BlueStacks, or GameLoop.






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